The Sept 2019 List of Shortlisted candidates for the Technical Trainers vacancies published early August 2019 is now out.

The interviews are to be conducted at the respective Technical colleges where one was shortlisted for the interviews.

The interviews shall start on 3rd Sept 2019 up to 11th Sept 2019 as from 8:30 am at the respective Technical college.

However, each candidate was allocated specific time and date for the interviews, so candidates must be very careful on that matter.

All candidates are supposed to attend the interviews with all the necessary documents required as made in the vacancy announcement.

The full list of Shortlisted candidates can be downloaded in PDF form at the public service commission website with this link

Successful candidates will be required to apply for licensing and registration by the TVET Authority.

Good luck!!



  1. when is the shortlisting of the successiful candidate done?


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