Mobile phone repair course is one of the best technical skill courses that have zero tarmacking after graduation. This course is better described to be the current and future magnet of the economy of Kenya. Its the new gold in town. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur enrol for this course.
However for this post am going to highlight on the best colleges one can enrol for the course in Nairobi, its duration of study, fees required, colleges location and contacts.

1. Incepter ICT Training Centre Nairobi Kenya

This college is known for quality training for the course.
Course duration: 3 months
Fees : ksh 30,000 per term
Requirements: open
Contacts: +254 712 369 902

2. Boltech Training Institute Nairobi

Course duration: 3 months
Fees: ksh 25,000 per term
Requirements: open
Contacts : +254 790 707 070/ 708 188 888

3. Issa Training Centre 

Course duration: 5 weeks
College contact: +254 729 229 177

4. Germany Institute of Professional Studies

Course duration: 3 months
Fees: ksh 18,000
Requirements: open
Contacts: +254 721 688 085

5. Bridge College Nairobi Kenya

Course duration: 3 months
Fees: ksh 12,000 per term
Requirements: open
Contacts : +254 722 825 825

6. The Knowledge Academy Nairobi

This is an international technical college in Nairobi Kenya.
Fees: £500

However interested students are advised to contact or visit the colleges for more information on admission, application forms, intakes, mode of study, specific requirements and fees clarifications.

Good luck in your passion for Mobile repair course.


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