Choosing a best college is one of the most tricky issues most students must be guided by their parents or guardians or rather experts in education and career issues.
However , students must start by making a list of the potential colleges one wants to go , then research each college reputation, tuition costs ,facilities and quality of their programmes.

Some of the outstanding features students should consider in choosing the best college are as follows;

  • Graduation rate of the institution
  • Financial aid available
  • Internships and Research opportunities
  • Engaging curriculum
  • Good Health and Wellness facilities
  • Good Academic support services
  • Campus safety 

According to the above factors its undoubtedly that the following are the best colleges to study in Kenya:
  1. Kenya Medical Training College
  2. Kenya Utalii College
  3. Kenya Railway Training Institute
  4. Kenya Institute of Management
  5. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  6. Institute of Advanced Technology
  7. Kenya Government Teachers' Colleges
  8. Vera Beauty and Fashion college
  9. Ahiti Kabete College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
That's my list , however readers can always add their lists in their commenting systems.


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