Scholarship program Microsoft

Microsoft provides Tuition Scholarships to deserving students each year preferable students taking STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) courses.

Microsoft strongly encourages underrepresented groups such as women to pursue STEM courses.

Who is Eligible To Apply

  • Candidates must be enrolled full-time in a bachelors degree program at a four- year college or university in the United States, Canada or Mexico.
  • Open also to international students studying in US, Canada or Mexico.
  • Candidates must show satisfactory progress towards an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related STEM disciplines.
  • Because the Scholarship is merit-based a candidate must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average out of the possible 4.0 or a 4.0 grade out of possible 5.0 to be considered.

How To Apply

Scholarship applications will be open in Oct 2019.
For more information one can visit the Microsoft Scholarships webpage.
For any queries send an email to : 

Good luck 


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