How to get March ,June, September and December ICM Exams Results

The Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) Exams are usual done in the months of March, June,September and December every year.

As Unilada Kenya Blog we have received many queries students asking for clarification on queries such as ; How do one get the March ICM Exams Results, how to download the December ICM exams results, How do ICM students get their ICM exams results for June & September. These and much more other queries keep on coming to us.

After some few months of research we came up with the answer to some of the queries as follows;

  • ICM Exams Results are ready usual after about 3 months from the time the exams scripts are received at the ICM's UK offices.
  • All results are forwarded to the exams centres (ICM Approved centres) where students sat for the exams.
  • Students can make arrangements and collect their ICM exams results from their ICM exams centres.
  • ICM does not provide students with results directly and the results are not published online.
  • To collect your ICM exams results , contact your ICM exam centre.
Good luck , enjoy your results.



  1. we need to check our results and our profile online during this hard time of COVID-19, kindly work on this issue please.....remember we are at home and need to acces results


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