Standard Chartered Bank Internships 2019/2020 Kenya

An exciting opportunity is now open for applications at Standard Chartered Bank for the year 2019 as follows;

The Std Chartered Bank has got the following internship opportunities open for applications for Kenyan students interested to do internship for the year 2019:

  1. 2019 internship - Retail Bank Kenya
  2. 2019 internship - Global Banking Kenya 
  3. 2019 internship - Wealth management Kenya
  4. 2019 internship - Risk Management Kenya

Important Notice

The internship program is a 10-weeks program
The internships will take place between June - August 2019
High performers in the internships will be eligible for the Bank International Graduate Program.

Eligibility for the Internships

  • The internships are open for candidates who are in their last or second to last years of their undergraduate study.
  • Excellent academic records is a key factor 

How To Apply

All applications for consideration are done online at the Standard Chartered Bank website career section.

Applications deadline not specified.

For more information visit the Bank website career section


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