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Kamata Music School is the best music school in Kenya. There is no other music school in this country that one can find the best music lessons in Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Vocals coaching, Drumming, Dance, Entertainment Management, MC, Deejay, Audio, and Video Production.

Kamata Music School has what it takes in the making of great music skills in all the students who study at the institution. The tutors at Kamata Music School work towards enabling the students to achieve their ambitions through the delivery of quality music lessons that are often done through demonstrations. It is often said that a good teacher makes explanations while teaching and the greatest teacher demonstrates.
Kamata school Guitar lessons
Guitar lessons

The only place that one rests assured of realizing his or her potential in the study of music whether it is an instrument, voice coaching or technology in music is at Kamata Music School. I bet that reaching full potential in music is defined by what has been encrypted in an individual.
All the students who go through Kamata Music School are programmed to go understand music and deliver their skills in a manner that allows them to showcase what they have studied in a way that will draw the attention of their audience.

Kamata school

All the techniques that can be used to make an individual a great professional in the music industry are taught at Kamata Music School. To be precise, all the skills that make a great music performer are taught to our vocals, and instrument students. Perfection in Audio and Video Production which makes up the technology employed in the music industry is the epic reality of what is coached at Kamata Music School. That explains the reason why Kamata Music School is behind the music revolution that is happening in Kenya and East Africa. Studying at Kamata Music School is a guaranteed success in the music industry!!!

For enrolment or for more information one can contact Kamata School as follows;
Phone+254 700 070 707 /  722 137 784 


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