The Nairobi City County Public Services Board is pleased to invite the following list of Shortlisted candidates for interviews;

  1. Medical Laboratory Technologies - 97 candidates
  2. Assistant therapists - 41 candidates
  3. Orthopedic Technologists - 50 Candidates
  4. Registered Clinical officers - 200 candidates
  5. Medical officers - 156 candidates
  6. Registered Nursing officer (Accident & Emergency Nurse) 8 candidates
  7. Registered Nurse officer ( Neonatal Nurse) 5 candidates
  8. Registered Clinical officers (ENT Specialist) 5 candidates
  9. Registered Clinical Officer ( Ophthalmology) 8 candidates
  10. Registered Clinical Officers ( Paediatrics) 15 candidates
  11. Registered Clinical Officers ( Anesthetist) 37 candidates
  12. Registered Nurse Officers 356 candidates
  13. Nutrition & Dietetics  Technologists 127 candidates
  14. Registered Physiotherapists 54 candidates
Interview Dates and Time 
The interviews are scheduled to take place from 25th Feb 2019 to 26th March 2019 from 9:00 am.

Interviews venue 
All interviews will be conducted at City Hall Nairobi , 2nd floor Room 205 .

Requirements for the Interview

All shortlisted candidates are supposed to appear to the interview panel with Originals and Copies of the following documents:
  • National ID or passport
  • Academic & professional certificates and testimonials
  • Certificate of good conduct from CID
  • Clearance certificate from HELB
  • Clearance Certificate from KRA
  • Clearance Certificate from CRB
  • Clearance Certificate from EACC 
N/B Each Certificate will be given 15 minutes interview and candidates must arrive to the interview venue 30 minutes before the interview commences.

The full list of shortlisted candidates can be downloaded in PDF from the Nairobi City County website:
Or one can download it here


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