Teaching most marketable courses

Its every student expectation that once they graduate they are going to be employed. However due to the high number of students taking the teaching course in colleges and universities and the high level of unemployment in Kenya , it all depends on which teaching subjects one did at the college or university for one to be easily employed after graduation.

Its advisable for Students to be very careful and seek guidance on which subjects are most marketable.
As for my research the following are the top most marketable teaching subjects in Kenya:

1. Chemistry

Chemistry is the only compulsory Science subjects in the Kenyan secondary education system. There is always a high demand for Chemistry teachers as each class in every school requires a Chemistry teacher.
From the most recent Secondaryschool teachers recruitment 2019 in Kenya by TSC shows that most schools have vacancies for Chemistry teachers than any other subject. This has made the subject Marketable.

2. Mathematics 

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in Kenya Secondary school system.
Maths ( subject for few) as we used to call it back in high school, is regarded as being the toughest subject.
In this case the subject has got low number of professionals compared to its demand.
The fact that the subject is compulsory and tough makes it Marketable.

3. Kiswahili

Kiswahili is also in the list of the most Marketable subject in Kenya by the fact that the subject is compulsory for every student and every school.
There is a mentality that Kiswahili is the easiest subject as compared to the others.
The fact that Kiswahili is the easiest subject makes teachers to shy away from taking it as a teaching subject making it have less trained teachers.
The fact that Kiswahili is compulsory and less professionals makes it to be marketable.

4. English

English is the base of all subjects except kiswahili as all other subjects are taught in English.
This is also a compulsory subject.
Each and every school demand English teachers , this has made the subject Marketable.

5. Business Studies

Business studies is also marketable in Kenyan secondary school because the subject combines three subjects as one i.e Commerce, Accounting and Economics.
The subject is more popular now as student interested in any of the three subjects has to take it as combined.
This has made the subject demand for more teachers making it Marketable.

Good luck in your teaching career


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