Kivu hostel prices, services, location and contacts

Kivu Ladies Hostel is one of the best female students hostel in Nairobi idle for college and university students in Nairobi.

Amenities offered by Kivu Ladies Hostel Nairobi

The hostel is committed to providing best services to its clients at an affordable rates. The services include:

  1. Hot water showers
  2. TV room 
  3. Study room 
  4. Free Wi-Fi
  5. Catering services
  6. 24 hr security system

Prices & Charges at Kivu Ladies Hostel

Kivu Ladies Hostel Nairobi provides affordable long-term and short-term accommodation arrangements as follows:
Single - ksh 9,800 per month
2 sharing - ksh 8,800@ per month
4 sharing - ksh 7,000 @ per month
6 sharing - ksh 6,300@ per month

Kivu Ladies Hostel Location and Contacts

The hostel is located near the Nairobi CBD about 10 min walking distance from the CBD along Kipkabus road Nairobi.
One can contact Kivu Ladies Hostels Nairobi through:
Phone+254 720 346 690

N/B Kivu Hostel prices shown above are not permanent and are subject to change under sole discretion of Kivu Hostel management ,so contact them for clarification.
Students are advised to visit the Hostel before making any commitments.


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