2019 kensap aid application

The 2019 kensap applications for aid are now open for the KCSE 2018 students to try their luck.

Kenya Scholar Athlete Project (KenSAP) helps bright but needy Kenyan students to gain admission to the most selective universities in America.

KenSAP does not offer scholarships but its the universities that receives the students that makes scholarships arrangements.

Every year KenSAP select about a dozen students from the hundreds of applications it receives.

Only the students with the best chances of gaining university admission are taken into the program.

Students who have achieved a score of from 74 to 78 on the 2018 KCSE are free to email a scanned copy their KCSE results slips, together with a statement of no more than 100 words explaining why KenSAP should consider them along with higher scoring candidates. KenSAP will not consider mere assertions that a student is determined, hard-working, etc. Rather, if the student can present a persuasive story of disadvantage or hardship that makes him/her worthy of consideration, KenSAP may advance that student to the next stage of the application process.
Any student who has failed to achieve a score of 74 or better need not apply. No such application will be considered.
How To apply 
If a student qualifies for the above qualifications then can go ahead and creat a personal email account.

Have your KCSE results slip scanned and attach it with an email message asking for a chance to KenSAP and send it to the email address: kensap2019@gmail.com 

KenSAP will review your application and if you qualify they will send you the KenSAP application form through the email.

Prospective applicants should keep in mind that applying to KenSAP is long process involving a detailed application form and for shortlisted applicants, a diagnostic test and an interview will follow.
The process begins once results slips are available and goes on till the final selection of KenSAP class is announced in June .
For more information one can check the KenSAP website.


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