Requirements For Graduation University of Nairobi

Graduations in the University of Nairobi are done annually.
Students to graduate are supposed to prepare for the graduation ceremony.

The following are the general requirements one needs before attending the graduation functions at the University of Nairobi.

Clearance Certificate

Each graduand will be required to obtain a clearance certificate from the Registrar upon clearance from all departments.
Graduands must clear all fees before being allowed to graduate.

Graduation Gowns 

Graduation gowns are a must for every graduands who intended to graduate.
The academic gowns are obtained from the respective college Registrar's at a fee of ksh 4000 per set.
The hired academic atire must be returned to the respective offices on the said date otherwise will attract a penalty fee.

Convocation fees 

There is a compulsory graduation fees of ksh 1000 payable to the finance department University of Nairobi.

Cornfim Order of Names and Rehearsals

All graduands are supposed to confirm the order of their names as they appear in the graduation lists with their respective deans.
Its a must for all graduands to attend a rehearsal before the graduation.

Invitation Letters/ Cards 

Each graduand must be issued with two invitation cards for two guests. People without invitation cards will not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony.

For more information one can contact the University of Nairobi Central Examination Centre through: +254 020 491 4203 , +254 700 675 405 


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