Fees structure university of Nairobi

The fees structure for Certificate courses offered by The University of Nairobi is constantly reviewed by the university sanate so as to have fees that are affordable to the students at the same time sufficient for the services provided by the university.

The fees guidelines for certificate course in Early Childhood Education is as follows:

Registration fees - ksh 1,000
Caution money - ksh 5000
Activity fees - ksh 2,000
Computer fees - ksh 5,000
Medical fees - ksh 5,000
Exams fees - ksh 5,000
Students ID card - ksh 5,00
Tuition fees - ksh 50400

Total fees per year - ksh 73,900.

N/B The above fees are subject to change under sole discretion of The University of Nairobi.

For more information or for clarification one can contact The University of Nairobi through:
Tel +254 066 32029/32117
Tel +254 020 270 1902/ 311800 


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