Sanlam - Formerly Pan Africa Insurance Holdings

Sanlam Education policy is an educational plan provided by Sanlam Kenya formerly Pan Africa Insurance Holdings. The policy guarantee's child's education no matter what befalls the parents.

Parents in Kenya planning a bright future for their children, Sanlam education policy is the one to go for.

Sanlam education policy premiums
The premiums for this policy are much affordable and parents can choose to pay according to their preferences as follows:

  1. Monthly payments
  2. Quarter Yearly payments
  3. Semi annually payments
  4. Annually payments
Benefits of Sanlam Education policy

Sanlam have got several benefits among them are as follows:
  • The money ( premiums) is invested in various secure avenues that earns interest which is given to the client for the duration of the investment.
  • Double pay-out to the client in case of death as a result of accident or total disability.
  • A tax relief on premiums paid up to a maximum of ksh 5000 
  • Protection against specified illness and natural death.

Parents interested to take the educational cover can contact Sanlam Kenya for applications and for more information with:
Tel +254 020 513 8200 


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