Internships at vivo energy Kenya

Vivo Energy Kenya , the company that distributes and Market Shell branded fuels and lubricants is constantly looking to recruit the best students and graduates in kenya so as to nature them to become future leaders of the business.

Benefits of doing Internships and Attachments at Vivo Energy

  • Helps young graduates and recruits lay foundation for successful career.
  • Graduates gain hands on experience on real work environment apart from classroom.
  • Graduates have the chance to learn from experienced and experts employees from Vivo energy.

Internship positions at Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy offers internships to students and graduates in the following positions:
  • Human Resources
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Project Management
  • Health ,Safety and Security
  • Engineering
  • Business management amongst others

How to apply

Internships chances in Vivo Energy Kenya are always advertised in local newspapers and graduates- targeted publications such as universities and colleges during career affairs.

Students should always be on the look out for any chance advertised.
Likewise, students should contact their deans of their institutions for any links to Vivo Energy.


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