Kenyan students best opportunity Ashinaga Africa 2019

An excellent opportunity is now open for applications for the Japanese 2019/2020 Ashinaga Africa Initiative program.

Kenyan Students are also eligible to apply for this fortune.
The Initiative covers tuition, accommodation, travel costs , and other necessary needs.

Eligibility for the Initiative

  • Applicants must have lost one or both parents
  • Have completed High school within the last two years 
  • Those born after 1st Oct 1996
  • Have an outstanding academic performance at high school
  • Be willing to return home and contribute to the society in sub -Saharan Africa after graduating from university.
  • All applicants must be from Sub-saharan Africa countries as follows: Kenya , Ethiopia, Botswana, The Gambia , Swaziland, Lesotho, Liberia , Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda , Seira Leone , Somalia, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia and South Sudan.

Documents Required

  • Completed Ashinaga Africa Initiative application form
  • Birth certificate/ National ID or passport
  • Results from final National Exams
  • Academic report cards from last two years of high school
  • Coloured passport size photos 
  • Death Certificate of one or both parents 

How To Apply

Students can choose to apply via Postal service, Email or Online whichever is best and comfortable.
Application forms can be downloaded at the Ashinaga Africa website or collect the forms from your country Japanese Embassy.

Via email use :

Postal service:
Attach photocopies of all relevant documents to the application form , put in a sealed envelope and address it to :

Ashinaga Africa Initiative Recruitment Team
P.O. BOX 16864 -Kampala

Application Deadline: 16th Dec 2018.


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