Nakuru county Government bursary application form

The Bursary application form is a very important document when one is seeking bursary help from the County Government of Nakuru.

The bursary application forms can be got from the nearest Ward office representative in the county or download it from the Nakuru county Government website as follows:

  • On your browser , go to
  • Select the Menu on the right upper side of the website
  • A list of several sub menus will appear , select Downloads
  • Another list of sub menus will be displayed, select County Bursary Forms 2018 and click Download

Mandatory Documents

The following documents are mandatory to be attached with the application form before they are forwarded to the Ward Bursary Committee.
  • Report forms for High school students and Transcripts or admission letter for college and university students.
  • Fees structure
  • Photocopies of students ID for college or university students
  • Photocopies of parents ID or students National ID card
  • Photocopies of Death certificates for orphaned students

Important information required by the Bursary committee

  • Full name of the student
  • Admission number
  • Year of study / class
  • Name & contacts and Bank details of the learning institution
  • Name & contacts of the parent/Guardian
  • Income of the parent/Guardian
  • Dependants of the parent/Guardian


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