TVETA registered colleges in Mombasa

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) is responsible for accrediting both public and private colleges in Kenya.

The following is a list of TVETA accredited colleges in Mombasa County.

  • Kenya School of Revenue Administration
  • Coast International college
  • Lazuli college
  • Mombasa Aviation Training Institute
  • Mombasa Airways Training Institute
  • Holy Ghost father Technical Institute
  • Bandari college
  • Ack Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development studies.
  • Mombasa Technical Training Institute
  • Mombasa college of Tourism and Business studies
  • Zonal Training Institute
  • Star Institute of professionals
  • Vision Institute  of professionals
  • Platinum school of Business Management
  • Shipping and Transport college of East Africa
  • Spinmark college of science and social studies


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