Internships at Unilever Kenya

Unilever is a multinational company with its offices allover the world.
Unilever Kenya ,one of the branches of Unilever company recognises its social responsibility of giving back to the local community by giving college and university students internships and attachments opportunities in its premises.

Unilever company regularly offer internship placements ranging for a duration of 12 weeks to a year. Unilever gives no guarantee of payment to interns on attachment.

Business areas covered by the internship

Unilever company usually offers the following courses for the internship:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance 
  • Customer Development
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Research and Development
  • Information Technology
However , opportunities vary from country to country in some countries internships are only for graduate while in other countries accept even diploma students.

Unilever recognises the importance of internships and attachments in that it helps students to gain hands on experience of real life work beyond classroom.

Advantages of doing internships with Unilever

  • Students can grow their network of like minded interns and professionals thus increasing their networth.
  • Students gain top hand expertise skills.
  • Students can development their flair and knowledge in the company's unique culture.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work and learn from experts of the business.

How to apply for attachments/internships at Unilever

The applications are usually done ONLINE but students must register with the Unilever recruitment portal and must have LinkedIn profile.

Students should also consultant their deans to see if their institution have any affiliations with Unilever.

To contact Unilever Kenya for advice on applications and opportunities please use the following:

P.O.BOX 30062 - 00100 Nairobi
Cell:+254 722 204 157


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