Did you realize why you failed to secure a single scholarship to the thousands of applications you made? The major reason is that you applied to scholarships that did not suit you well.

Before making any scholarship application , one may consider the following factors :

  1. Discover Your Strength

Scholarships usual look for certain strength in individuals to determine who is the right person to be granted the scholarship.

The strengths can either be in academics, sports or critical thinking.
Its important for one to discover their strengths before searching and applying for scholarships.
Do not apply to scholarships that requires qualifications that are above you. You will be wasting your time , better do more research till you come across a perfect one for you.
Most scholarships look for academically gifted individuals.

    2. Locality

Discover your locality and look for scholarships available there.

Its easier for you to secure a scholarship meant for local people than international  scholarships.

Search for scholarships available starting from your ward level or sub location,  constituency, county before trying the National scholarships. 

    3. Specificness of the scholarship

Look for scholarships that are specific and fits you. For example Scholarships for Female diploma students Computer science.

Its easy to win such a scholarship because many will not be eligible for it. Few people are likely to apply for such a scholarship.

   4. Local Organizations

Scholarships offered by local organizations such as volunteer organizations , Alumni organizations , churches and mosques are great to apply to and are rewarding.

Look for local organizations such as red cross and crescent society. Find them on Google ,browse their websites for scholarships and apply.

Its easy to secure a scholarship with local organizations than International organizations.

  5. The work required for the application 

The amount of work required for the application will determine how many people will be interested to apply.

Look for scholarships that require a lot of work with its application. The less one one has to do for the application the more likely to miss the opportunity.

Scholarships that take less than 5 minutes to apply are termed as "easy" and attract a lot of students meaning one is likely to miss the scholarship.

   6. Essays

This is the heart beat of the scholarship applications. Messing up with the essay means messing up with the whole application.

Take your time and write a good essay that perfectly describes you. Do not give misleading information. Support your essay with evidences and avoid unsupported statements.

Many students won't even apply because the application requires an essay.
This means the scholarship will have fewer applicants and there will be less competition.

Good example of this kind of scholarship is the M-PESA Foundation scholarship.

N/B Getting a scholarship is not easy , take your time ,find the correct scholarship for you and thank me later.


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