Easy way to get attachment in Kenya

How or where can I get Industrial attachment in Kenya ? How do I apply? These are just but the few and most important questions students ask themselves. Worry not , we have got an answer for you.

Do you know NITA ( National Industrial Training Authority) ?

NITA is a state corporation mandated to promote the highest standard in quality and efficiency of Industrial training in Kenya and ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels of the industry.

NITA created a web portal known as ITAP( Industrial Training Attachment Portal) which is designed to link students to the industry through NITA.

Through the ITAP( Industrial Training Attachment Portal) , NITA attaches over 15000 trainees every year.

Students , training institutions, industries/companies must register with ITAP portal in order to be able to login into the portal.

What students should do
As a student you have to create an account by registering with the ITAP web portal, fill an application form Online then wait for the Attachment Liaison Officer (ALO) who is based in the students learning institutions to verify the students eligibility.

NITA officials then take up the role of placing the students to the industries/companies which have declared slots available for work place training. Thats all .

To contact NITA for more information or for guidance one can use the following:

National Industrial Training Authority,
Commercial street Nairobi Kenya,
P.O.Box 74494 - 00100
Nairobi Kenya.
Cell: +254 720 917 897/ 736 290 676



  1. I would like to apply for an attachment whether in Nairobi or Nakuru. Am doing PR


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