Safaricom attachments for students

Safaricom is an equal opportunity organization and recognizes its social , economical and academic responsibility in Kenya by offering attachments opportunities to students in colleges and universities, in a work experience program.

The work experience program offers students an opportunity to work with Safaricom innovation team to develop and create scalable innovations in the company.

The program usual runs for a period of six months and is open to all ongoing undergraduate and graduate students in the following fields:

  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Statistical science
  • Social sciences

How to apply for Safaricom Industrial Attachments

  • On your browser go to
  • Click on Students/Internships
  • Click on Apply
  • A new page will be opened , click on My Account options
  • A new page will be opened, click on New User
  • You will be prompted to Registration page to fill in some credentials such as User name , Password , Re enter password, Email address ,Re enter email address.
  • Click Register
  • After successful registration, one  and can login to the Safaricom career portal to apply.
Upon applying successful, students are advised to sign up in their application profile regularly to check the status of their application in that they will be able to know if granted or not as safaricom will contact successful candidates only.



  1. What skills should I need as an attachee pursuing ICT in your company please


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