Bachelor of education jobs in kenya

Many degree holders in Kenya are moving around looking for employment for what they did at school without success.

With this bitting rate of unemployment in Kenya , its important for students to start to think beyond the degree after graduation.
Time has come for the youth to think beyond their educational level, be creative and innovative and creat employment instead of being employed.

For instance a youth in Kenya with a bachelors degree in education can decide to venture into the following jobs opportunities by being creative instead of waisting time looking for employment.

  1. Freelancing and blogging

With a degree in Education one can decide to venture into Blogging and Freelancing.
Starting a niche blog on education can be a very lucrative business if the blog picks well.
Freelancing on the other hand is the easiest way to earn online after completing an assigned job. Academic writing will fit you best.

   2. Starting a private school

Those with a vision to start a private school this is the time.
Consult experienced people , study the market and be innovative and unique.
Look for capital and be ready to be on the ladder of success.

   3. A college / University admission agent/ Recruiter

Familiarize yourself with as many colleges and universities as possible and start taking students there for admission.
With well calculated moves this can be a very lucrative job.
Be unique and expand the service to as many colleges and universities as possible for better results.

    4. Start a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre

Drug and alcohol abuse is a cancer to the society.
Many youth have become useless for engaging in alcohol and drugs.
Setting up a place where the youth can be rehabilitated back to normal life will create employment for many youth.

 5. Start Academic consultancy/ advisor

With your degree in Education , you can be an academic advisor for primary and secondary school pupils.
Start your own career and advisory centre and even employ others to do the job together.

 6. Start a Tutoring centre

Start your own tutoring centre and offer the tutoring services at a fee is one of the jobs bachelor of education degree holder can do and get enough income.

7. Start a day care centre

This is one of the most flourishing jobs in Kenya as most parents are busy with jobs especially during the day. This forces the parent to take their young kids to day care centres.
Being the owner of a daycare can be a great career for anyone venturing into the business.

The above jobs is just but a few of the jobs a holder of Bachelor's degree in education can do and not depend to be employed.

Graduates be innovative, unique and do a small research , try your luck and thank me later.


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