Ways of getting college and universities fees in Kenya

After KCSE what next? Students are supposed to join colleges and universities.
Needy parents or parents who never planned for their children's education might find themselves stranded as their children join colleges or universities as a lot of fees is required before students are admitted.

Due to our educational concern as Unilada Kenya we did collected some top ways of getting school fees for college and university students in Kenya to help parents have easy time and enable them take their sons and daughters to higher learning institutions.
The list is as follows:

  1. Savings from Parents

As children grow , parents are supposed to save some money aside to cater for school fees of their children when they are joining colleges or universities.
Parents in Kenya may open junior bank accounts for their children and start saving for  their children while still at a tender age.
Parents can also opt to make savings arrangements with some insurance companies that offer best educational insurance policies in Kenya.

That way parents will be sure of their children's educational journeys.

   2. Government Loans and Bursaries

In Kenya The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is responsible to giving loans to deserving students joining colleges and universities in Kenya.
Bursaries can be got from CDF and wards educational funds from the county level.
Due to high number of students , some students are left out and have to look for other means.
HELB loans are payable upon graduation.

Its the parents and students responsibility to look for availability and apply for the above funds.

  3. Students personal savings

This is a situation where the student becomes the only source of his or her own  school fees.
The student either works part time or does some business , gets money and saves for the school fees.
The student can make some arrangements with the employer to have some free time for part time classes while still working.
This situation requires enough dedication from the student.

  4. Loans from Banks 

Lucky enough , Kenya has some banks that give loans to students to facilitate school fees payments. Its the responsibility of the parents and student to make application for the loans.

 5. Work / study program

This is a trending program recently developed by colleges and universities in Kenya with one major aim of helping the disadvantaged or needy students by paying for them the school fees while they work part time at the school ie office messenger , librarian assistant , cook assistant etc.
The school may opt to also pay the student some few coins for up keep.

  6. NGO Scholarships and grants

There are so many scholarships opportunities in Kenya , only that students have to be very keen and search for scholarships and try their luck, you never know.
Many students in Kenya have won scholarships that paid for all educational expenses for the beneficiaries.

All the best of luck as you join your college


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