India agents in Kenya

Kenyan students are among the top international students who visit India for higher education. The major reason being that the cost of living and education in India is almost 3 times less that of Kenya.

Over seventy thousand Kenyan students have trained in Indian Universities and colleges since independence.
Currently there are almost 4000 Kenyan students in over 60 training institutions in India.

The top Universities and colleges making headlines for admitting many Kenyan students include:

  • University of Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology Guwahahatti (IITG)
  • Nagpur University India
  • Indian institute of Science  Bangalore
  • University of Calcutta
The above universities and many others not mentioned here have their affiliates based in Nairobi Kenya to recruit students into the Indian universities.

The top Indian University Education agents in Kenya include:

  1. Aladdin Consultants
Aladdin consultants in Nairobi

This is a leading educational consultant in Kenya for recruiting students into Indian institutions.
The agency offers the following services:
  • Career Guidance
  • University Admission Assistance
  • Visa processing assistance
  • Tuition/exam centre
  • Flight reservations and Airport pickups
Contact information

To contact Aladdin consultants in Kenya use the following:
P.O.BOX 85333 - 00200 Nairobi Kenya.
Mobile: +254 728 624 425 /725 493 191

   2. Educonsult International

Educonsult agency in Kenya

For years now Educonsult International has been providing professional assistance to students allover East Africa to study in various overseas countries, India included.

The agency is recognized by the ministry of education , Science Technology and is registered under the Commission for University Education (CUE) in the republic of Kenya.

Educonsult International assist students in the following:
  • University selection
  • Course / Career guidance
  • University admission assistance
  • Visa processing assistance
  • Students insurance assistance
  • Pre - travel orientation
  • Securing accommodation
  • Airport pick- ups and other services
Office location and contacts

Educonsult International agency is located at:
Ambank House,  12th floor, University way
P.o Box 24234 - 00100 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 440 4744
Cell: +254 786 996 356

   3. Study in India

This is an ONLINE educational agency that recruits international students to take their studies in India.
Its an initiative of education promotion society for India.

This is a one stop portal for International students to find out about universities , courses , scholarships or grants available and the cost of education and living in India.

To contact Study in India:
Go to the website :

    4. Uniserv

Uniserv education consultant Nairobi

Uniserv is now one of the most trending educational agency in Kenya after it merged with Unilink education agency.

The collaboration has seen the agency spread its services to many countries overseas including India ,USA, Australia , Malaysia, Dubai, Cyprus and others.

The uniqueness with Uniserv is that all its services are free of charges.

Contact information

To contact Uniserv for more information or for assistance the following will help: 
Located at 9th floor,  Fortis Tower Building ,Wood vale Groove, Westlands Nairobi.
Tel; +254 20 445 2732
Mobile: +254 723 597 445/ 735 014 549/ 780 334 733


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