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Laptops for Students recently have become as essential as the very air we breath.
Students joining colleges and Universities must possess one or find learning to be so stressful.
The main issue here is not just to get a laptop but getting a aright laptop , affordable and durable.

Students or parents walking around the streets of Nairobi searching for laptops might find it to be a bit stressful.

For that reason Unilada Kenya did a search walk around the streets of Nairobi and came up with a list of the best shops to get the right laptops for students.
The list is as follows:

  • Pc world
  • Telkom retail shops
  • Shop it
  • Jumuia
  • Jamia
  • Text book centre
  • Kilimall
  • Masoko (Safaricom online shop)
  • Bright Technologies
  • Ebrahim Electronics
  • Saruk
  • Avechi
  • Gadget Guy Computer store
  • Computer planet
Best laptops for students 

These laptops can be got at affordable prices from the shops above.
  • HP laptops
  • Dell laptops
  • Lennovo laptops
  • Asus laptops
  • Apple laptops
  • Sony laptops 
  • Samsung laptops
The above laptop shops are just but the few best Unilada team came up with but readers can always add any best laptop shops they know in their comments.



  1. I am feeling really grateful after reading this much amount of information about the
    Laptops for Sale in Kenya
    . I have been looking to buy a laptop for many months & now i encountered with your blog. Please keep updating in future also.

  2. Thanks for this post..visited the shops you reccomended and honestly some were quite expensive or the customer service pathetic..the best on your list though i would definately reccomend Gadget Guy tech supplies...have had an amazing experience with them and prices with quality is key for them.i also found them quite honest and ready to help ..


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