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Did you know that Strathmore University, one of the best Universities in Kenya ,provides financial aid to the most deserving students admitted  annually.

Students with financial challenges can always apply for financial aid from the University.

The school has both Internal and External Financial aid resources to help bright but needy students joining the higher learning institution.

Strathmore Internal Scholarships and Financial aid

These are financial aid arrangements made and provided within the university.

  1. Work /Study scholarship
Work / study program is a partial scholarship designed by Strathmore university to give students with extremely financial need to work part-time job on campus to meet their educational expenses.

     2.Strathmore University Masters Scholarship
Strathmore university annually gives scholarships to Masters students with evident academic potential. 
The financial aid is awarded only to candidates in the following field of study:
  • Master of Commerce ( Mcom)
  • Master of science in Information Technology (MSIT)

   3. Strathmore Mathematics Contest Scholarship
Annually Strathmore university awards the best form four girl and boy in the country who tops the Maths contest.
The scholarship covers tuition fees to pursue the following courses at Strathmore university:
  • CPA
  • ACCA
  • Diploma in Business IT
  4. Sports rebates
The University awards fee rebates to non- scholarship students who excel in sports annually.
Best players with good academic performance have an added advantage to secure the scholarship.

  5. Graduate rebates 
This is a tuition waiver rebates awarded to a needy student who graduated from Strathmore university with a 2nd class upper and above to take a graduate degree at the University.

  6. Strathmore university loans 
The Strathmore university developed a merit loan scheme that enables bright but needy students to access loans at the University for their educational expenses.

Strathmore External sources of Financial aid

These are financial sources coming to Strathmore university in the form of either scholarships, bursaries or loans.
Usually , most of these financial aid organizations gives the university the task of selecting the most deserving candidates for the financial aid awards.

  1. European Union scholarships
This scholarship is open to final year students in secondary school ,who wish to study the following courses at Strathmore university in the coming year:
  • CPA
  • Diploma in Business management
  • Diploma in Business Information Technology
   2. McKinney Rodgers Foundation Scholarships

The scholarships from the global consulting firm is aimed to eradicate poverty by giving full scholarships to bright but needy students who wish to study at Strathmore university in the following courses :
  • Bachelor of Commerce  1 student annually
  • Bachelor of Business IT  1 student annually
   3. I&MBank Scholarships

I&MBank provides scholarships to 10 bright but needy students to pursue various finance related degrees programmes at Strathmore university.
The scholarship gives a contribution of about ksh 3.5 million annually.

   4. The Bishop Faccarn Clemente Scholarship Fund

This is a partial scholarship fund as it caters for tuition fees only.
Every year the scholarship fund sponsor's only one bright but needy student admitted at Strathmore university for any degree programme. The scholarship covers tuition fees for four years consecutively.

   5. Chase Bank loan scheme

Students can get financial loans from the Strathmore - Chase Bank student loan scheme and pay after graduating.
For more information on this visit the Chase Bank at the Strathmore university students centre.

   6. Rattassi Educational Trust Bursary

The educational trust is committed to eradicate poverty by funding the educational expenses of bright but needy students from Strathmore university.

   7. East Africa Breweries Limited Foundation Scholarships

This is a full scholarship program targeting bright but needy students admitted at Strathmore university in the Business related degree courses.

    8 Kiva loans 
Strathmore university in collaboration with Kiva has been giving loans to bright but needy  students taking their studies at Strathmore university. The loans are payable one year after graduation 

  9. HELB loans 
The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) awards various amount of loans to needy students joining universities in Kenya.

For more information about the Scholarships, bursaries or loans listed above or for any inquiries contact Strathmore university through the following contacts: 
Cell: +254 703 034 141/2  , +254 703 034 258/497/397


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