More than 300 ECD teachers and over 100 polytechnic instructors will be employed by the County Government of Kilifi before July 2018.
Right: Professor Gabriel Katana during one of the educational functions

Speaking during a short interview on 29th May 2018 at Lulu FM radio station at Malindi, the CEC for Education & ICT, Professor Gabriel Katana, said that preparations are underway to have more teachers employed so as to tackle the biting teachers shortage and improve the standards of Kilifi county Education sector.

The renowned Professor seem to have taken the Kilifi County education sector by its horns since he was sworn into office. So much has happened.

The over 100 polytechnic instructors will be distributed to its over 40 polytechnics across the county, where the professor said only 27 were working due to shortage of instructors.
Some of the polytechnics working are:

  • Mkwajuni
  • Gede
  • Muyeye - Malindi
  • Mapimo - Magarini
  • Jilore
  • Vitengeni

The professor urged the youth not to shy away from these polytechnics especially those who did their KCSE last year and instead enroll for the different courses they offer for a better and bright future.

Elector's card

As for the use of elector's card during application for bursaries from the county and wards , the professor clearly explained that the elector's card is only used for identification purposes only, as it is the only document which shows the ward one comes from.
The professor encouraged parents to apply bursaries for their sons and daughters who are in needy. He emphasized further that the bursaries are corruption free and open to all students in the county.

Ban on funeral Keshas

The professor praised the move to ban all funeral keshas in Kilifi county famously known as 'Siniriche'.
This will significantly reduce the cases of early pregnancies amongst our school going children.
He urged both parents and teachers to be in the forefront in fighting against indiscipline amongst students.


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