HELB compliance certificate

Recently , a Clearance Certificate from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is becoming a very important document for job seekers in Kenya as most employers ,government included are asking for the document before one can be employed.
Most HELB beneficiaries are at crossroads as most of them had not cleared their loans making it more difficult for them to get the document thereby missing employment opportunities.

For those who never benefited from HELB its easy to get the clearance certificate.

Documents required for applying for the HELB clearance certificate

  • Well completed Enquiry form (downloadable from HELB website)
  • Letter by the applicant confirming that they did not benefit from MOE/HELB loans
  • Copies of High school leaving and academic certificates
  • Copies of University/College transcripts and graduation certificates
  • Copies of National I.D (both sides)
  • Copy of Employer appointment letter
  • A bank deposit slip of ksh 1000 payable to HELB  operations account No: 1104823047 KCB University way Branch (Its now free) 
N/B Only the Name and ID no of the applicant should be indicated on the bank slip. However ,Helb now is giving free compliance certificates during this covid 19 pendamic and all applications are done online.

How to apply
  • The applicant should visit HELB offices in Nairobi located on the 18th floor of the Anniversary Towers on the University way ,opposite University of Nairobi.
  • Request for Enquiry form and fill it if he/she did not download it.
  • Attach all relevant documents required as specified above
  • Submit the document to the authorities at HELB and wait for your clearance certificate.
The process of obtaining a HELB Clearance Certificate takes one day, the day of the application to be completed and be issued.

Alternatively, you can login to the HELB portal and apply for the certificate online.

For more information contact HELB contact centre:
Tel no +254 711052000
Email: contactcentre@helb.co.ke 



  1. For those who never benefited from HELB.
    You can apply for the clearance certificate online.
    > just log in to ecitizen.
    > Under Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) you will find clearance cert button.
    > Next yo choose your payment method (M-pesa is available) and pay a fee of 1,050 Ksh
    > Next you download your certificate and payment receipt
    > Done.
    [thank me later]


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