Tsc study leave

The Teachers Service Commission  (TSC ) is responsible for teachers services including leaves arrangements for teachers.
Study leaves are granted by the TSC inline with the existing policy from time to time.

Procedure of applying for Teachers study leave

The Teachers Service Commission ( TSC) has the following guidelines and procedure of applying for study leave:

  • The teacher should first apply for admission in the institution intended to study.
  • Get the admission letter
  • Make an application for study leave to the TSC through your head of institution, application must be accompanied with the admission letter.
  • The application should be made one month before the commencement date.
  • The leave should be utilized as intended failure to which will lead to disciplinary action.
  • The teacher should not proceed on leave before approval and formal release.
  • The teacher should report for posting 30 days before expiry of the leave and provide evidence of having undertaken studies
  • Teachers who are granted paid study leave will be bonded to work for the commission as follows:
                    1. For courses lasting six months but less than one year will be bonded for a period of one year.
                    2. For courses lasting less than two years will be bonded for two years.
                    3. Courses lasting two years or more will be granted for three years.
                    4. When a teacher under bond obligation chooses to terminate their services , they will be required to pay full the total cost of training, the salaries and allowances paid while on study leave.
Teachers on self- sponsorship will be required to repay an amout equivalent to the salaries and allowances paid to them while on study leave. This however does not apply to those who have proceeded on unpaid leave.

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