Drop out in college and university

Students joining Colleges and Universities must at least have an over view of what is ahead of them.

Many students end up choosing courses that they can not handle, due to lack of career guidance or mislead by parents or relatives.
As a result students may end up reseating for examinations, deferring of semesters or drop out of school completely.

As for this case we are going to focus on an overview of the Courses in Kenya with the most drop outs.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce

You might be wondering why B.com is one of the courses with a high number of student drop outs in Kenya , but also you should know that the course is taken in almost every college and University in Kenya and also many students are admitted in this course in each intake.

The major factor making a big drop out of students in this course is financial problems. I once talked to drop out student , who lamented that recently parents have neglected fee payments as they expect HELB to do everything. The fact is that the HELB loan is not enough to cover all educational expenses and eventually students drops out of school.
Another factor is students inability to balance between job and studies.

    2. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

This is also one of the courses in Kenya recording a high number of college or University drop outs by the facts that the course is tough, expensive and it takes a longer period for students to graduate.

Unlike any other course ,Medicine and surgery is the only course where a student can drop it even before the end of the first semester.

Poor course selection and pressure from parents or relatives who wants their son or daughter to be a Doctor while the student is not interested.

   3. Mathematics and Computer Science

This is another course with a high rate of drop outs in Kenya higher education.
The course goes hand in hand with interests.
Choosing this course and one is not interested in calculations will end up reseating for exams and eventually expelled from from.

Students taking this course should be able to balance between academics and other activities.

  4. Aeronautical Engineering

The mojor cause of drop outs for this programme is that students find that the course is harder than they expected and the fact that the course is expensive also increases the chances of students to drop the course.

   5. Economics and Statistics

This is also one of the most popular courses in Kenya said to be so marketable.
The course however , is one of the toughest courses to take , it requires your mind and focus on the studies.
Students not serious with this course will end up reseating for exams and eventually expelled from school.


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