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Students joining Kenyatta university will require to pay fees on or before the reporting day.
Just like any other University , Kenyatta university has got bank accounts in which students can pay their school fees.

However , parents and students must be very careful with the process of paying fees, before depositing the fees make sure you confirm with the University that the account numbers are correct before proceeding.
Here at Unilada Kenya we are committed to help individuals maybe stuck , can easily find some help from us through our blog.

The following is the list of  Kenyatta university bank accounts for students fees  collection.

  • Equity Bank of Kenya
A/c name: Kenyatta university
Branch name: Ku branch
A/ no: 0180290518859

  • Family Bank
A/c name: Ku
A/c no: 045000023316

  • National Bank of Kenya
A/c name: Ku
A/c no: 0100359150801

  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya
A/c name: Ku 
A/c no: 01129062461400

Students are however much advised to contact the University for clarification as some bank accounts might be subjected to change.

To contact the university for clarification please use the following:
Tel : +254 020 8710901/2/3
Mobile: +254 731 008 894 , +254 727 771 905 +254 702 025 829


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