US student visa

Kenyan students who qualified to study in the USA will have to apply for  students Visa (F 1) to the USA for them to be allowed to study there.

Students are adviced to start the visa application process early as the process is quite long.
Pay the visa application fees online on the US embassy website.
Submit your online visa application ( DS - 180).
Make an online appointment for visa interview.

Important Visa Requirements

  • US visa application form
  • Financial statement - original bank statement from a commercial bank recognized by the Central bank of Kenya.
  • You have to attend in person a visa interview at the US Embassy.
  • A passport photograph (2" ×2")
  • Proof of payment of application fees.
  • Financial proof from your sponsor if any.
  • A valid 1 - 20 or DS 2019 form as a proof that you have paid the unsubsidized costs of the studies.
  • SEVIS - 1-901 fees must be paid to the department of Homeland security for individual programs.

F1 Visa processing time 

Recommended time for application is 3 months in advance before leaving for the U.S.
Shortest possible time is 2 to 3 days after which the Visa will be ready for pick up.

F 1 Visa Costs

The estimated costs for the Visa application are as follows;
  • Visa fees - approximately ksh 17000
  • SEVIS fee - Approximately ksh 21000
  • Visa insurance fees  approximately ksh 4500

How to contact U.S Embassy in Kenya

Postal address
United Nations Avenue Nairobi 
P.O box 606 Village market
00621 Nairobi Kenya

Tel no: +254 20 3636000
Fax +254 20 363 6157

Students are highly advised to contact The US embassy before making any payments.

Students might require more information or help from the US Embassy on the US Embassy website:


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