Scholarship opportunities are always available only that students are not aware. Its for this reason that we came up with a detailed list of top scholarship sites in Kenya and Africa to help students have updates with scholarships information.

The scholarship sites are ranked according to how they are popular and easy to use among students.

The scholarship sites are as follows:

  1. Advance Africa

Advance Africa

Advance Africa is the leading and most popular scholarship site that provide scholarship and educational information to students across the African continent.

Every year Advance Africa enables thousands of students in Africa to get national and International  scholarships to further their education. CHECK it here

  2. Opportunity desk

Opportunity desk

Opportunity desk is a best platform offering a sea of opportunities that give bright future for a better life.
Follow opportunity desk and open the door for the best educational opportunities. CHECK it here

  3. Serve Africa

Serve africa

This is an educational site providing african students with scholarships and school ranking information in Africa.
The site highlights any latest opportunities across the globe to african students. CHECK serve africa 

  4. Opportunities For Africans (OFA)

This is an online portal that connects african students to the latest life changing opportunities around the globe such as scholarships, internships, fellowships, colleges and universities opportunities. CHECK it here

  5. Youth hub Africa

Youth hub Africa

This is a non-profit organization  site that provide scholarship and educational information to the youth in africa.
It provides opportunities and advice to students for free.

  6. Scholars Hub Africa

Best scholarship

This is one of the best sites and most comprehensive source of scholarships, fellowships, essay contests, internship grants and awards for students across Africa.
It provides the missing link between Africans and the world opportunities where ever they will be.

  7. Scholarship- positions

Scholarship sites

This is a dedicated site to provide the scholarship-hunting students the best scholarships and financial aid information for colleges and universities.

  8. Scholarship portal

 Best scholarship

This site was born out of frustration for a total lack of scholarship information to students and the overview of the fast growing number of international scholarships for needy students world wide.
Its the best scholarship site for Kenyans with dreams to study overseas. Check this site here

  9. College scholarships

This is also a good site to search scholarship opportunities in Kenya and Africa.
Its the leading site for best scholarship awards information locally and internationally. Check the site here

10. Scholars for development

Scholarships for development

Its a best scholarship information site especially for students with big educational dreams of studying overseas.
Its provides very vital scholarship information to so many needy students in Africa.

Its one of the most reliable scholarships information sites in Kenya and Africa at large.

N/B Unilada Kenya is just an informational site and is not in anyway related to the above scholarship site.


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