Kenyan students U S university requirements

Getting admission in one of the United States of America Universities is huge academic breakthrough for every Kenyan student wishing to study abroad.

However, due to alot of challenges especially financial matters and a tedious process of application; many students fail to secure admission in the U.S Universities.

The qualifications or requirements for Kenyan students to be admitted in the U.S universities are however not so completed ,they are as follows:

  1. High academic performance

For one to be admitted in the U.S Universities must be of high academic grades preferable straight 'A's for KCSE.
For Graduate studies applicants must have an outstanding bachelor's degree from a recognized Kenyan or overseas university.

   2. U.S Government Tests

Its mandatory for all colleges and Universities in the U.S to test foreign students entering their country before admission.
The standardized tests are many but for one to be considered for admission must have done at least one.
Some of the tests are as follow:
  • American College Testing (ACT)
  • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)
  • Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
The above tests are just but a few of the recommended tests but most colleges and universities in the U.S will require TOEFL exams for all international students to ensure that they have enough proficiency in English language.
Kenyan Students applying for undergraduate studies are expected to have SAT and TOEFL.
The tests are provided by accredited examination centres in Nairobi such as Akad, where they help the students to register and revise for the exams.

   3. Recommendation letters

These are crucial documents required for one to be admitted in the U.S Colleges and Universities.
Recommendation letters must be written by someone who knows and can describe you well.
For those applying for undergraduate, recommendation letters can be got from the high school principal.
For graduate course application, one must have at least two academic reference letters from your most recently professor.
If you are working,  you must have at least two recommendation letters from your employer or manager who knows you well and can comment on your professional experience.

  4. Personal statement or Statement of purpose

This is where you describe yourself.
Its the most important chance for you to write about your interests, your skills , goals and ambitions of studying in America.
Here you can tell if you will have to work in America after your studies.

Some Colleges and Universities require some extra requirements, so its advisable to contact the College of your choice for full information, and also make sure you contact U.S embassy in Nairobi  for any assistance you might require, otherwise all the best in your dreams to America!


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