Types of students

As a teacher its your duty to know and understand each and every student in your class.

Each student is unique and different in his own ways.
Your major duty as a teacher is to know your students and develop tactics and strategies of handling each and every student in the class.

The types of students are as follows:

  1. Richie Students

Students coming from rich families might be a little difficult to deal with if a teacher has not developed tactics of how to handle them.
The teacher should treat all students equally, should not give the rich student special attention.
Discussions concerning financial problems for the teacher should not done in the class.

Any weakness the teacher will show means students can take advantage of it and start to misbehave.

Teachers must have a constant communication with the students parents to report anything developing.

 2. Quiet Students

This type of student is always quiet and rarely engage in discussions in the class.
The teacher should recognize such students  and frequently ask them to answer a question asked without them raising hands.

Give them some responsibilities such as group leader that way will make them active in the class.
Surprisingly quiet students are always the best in class.

 3. Old Students 

In every class there is always a student who is older than any other student in the class.
The teacher should treat such student equally as the others.
The teacher should never discourage such a student.
Give the student some responsibilities such as class prefect, that way they will build more respect to the teacher and fellow students.

  4. Know -it- all student

This type of student is very active in the class.
The student answers questions and always believes to be right.
The teacher should not discourage the student but advise him accordingly.
Give them the passion to learn more and perform well.
Don't give such students big responsibilities in the class.

 5. Slow student

This type of student is slow in terms of writing or understanding.
The teacher should develop a strategy on how to handle such student.
The teacher should take time and explain step by step till the student understand.
The teacher should not embarrass the student before the class that he or she is slow , this might even cause the student to drop out of school.

  6. Shy students 

Shy student has a combination of tension, fear, self- consciousness or lack of confidence.

Shyness can make the student become social outcast and even become depressed and lonely. 
As a teacher you should give the student some step by step exposure of the student by giving the student some responsibilities starting with the lowest to the highest e.g book collector, assistant class prefect to class prefect.
That way they will feel to be contributing in the class.
Make them feel proud of their work by reading their best performing results to the class.

 7. Students with Disability

This type of student needs much attention from the teacher , however teachers should not over emphasize this.
Treat all students equally. If you have to give assistance to a disabled student please ask before you offer the assistance.

When addressing them talk straight to them but not the person maybe sitting beside them.

Be audible enough but do not shout to them it discourages them also.


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