Top secret for teachers

Teaching career is one of the most respected proffesion in the Kenyan society.
However enjoyable , the career is one of the hardest jobs one can have and I do congratulate teachers for the nice job they do.
Teaching majorly involves the love or the passion to pass information ( what you know) to another person.

For this post however, teachers will have to bear with me because I am going to reveal what they used to hide from their students no matter what the situation might be. I do apologize for that.

This post however is as per my opinion, but teaching remains the most favorite career in Kenya.

The Top secrets teachers love to hide from their students are as follows:

  1. Being bright in school is a Talent

Being bright is a talent but many teachers will never tell their students this secret.
They always emphasize that all students are equal and must all perform well.

The reality is that some students are always top in the class from first term to third term but teachers still insists its not talent but hard work.

   2. Punishment is not the solution to perform well.

Many Teachers take punishment as a solution for students to get higher grades; which is not , students are supposed to be properly advised  and be given adequate assistance where they seem to be weak.

Punishing the students will only build enemenity between the teachers and students thus making the learning environment less conducive.

   3. All students have equal opportunities in life

All students have equal opportunities outside school life.
It does not matter if someone was bright or not , all depends on the opportunities one will come across after school life.

Teachers always emphasizes on hard work so that students can be better people in life; but who does not know that 'A' students work for 'C' students.

  4. All teachers are not equal

Teachers will always act as if all teachers are equal in the school.
They will always tell students to consultant any teacher in the school. Sometimes students may find it difficult to understand a certain teacher but that teacher cannot be changed from that class or subject.

 5. You are brighter than your teacher

No single teacher will one day confess to his or her students that they are brighter than the teacher.
Teachers will always tell their students to work hard and follows their foot paths.

The truth however is that brighter students will always fall to other careers but not education career.


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