January 11, 2018

5 Best Computer Courses With 100% Job Guarantee In Kenya 2021

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Computer jobs

Every student dream is to get employed or open their own businesses after completing their courses.
All this depends on which course one undertook at the university or college.

Due to the high level of unemployment in Kenya its wise to choose courses that can make one more relevant in the job market.

After a massive research, unilada Kenya came up with 5 most relevant computer courses in Kenya with jobs readly  available.

  1. Computer Forensics/Cyber security Courses

With online fraudsters on the increase, the government and private companies are ready to higher professionals in Forensics and cyber security systems.

With  improved technology, banks, hospitals, hardwares and shops have their transactions done online. This has resulted to the need to have cyber security personnels.

In Kenya these courses are offered at :
  • Ora Digital Marketing Training Nairobi
  • Kenya Institute of Professional Security Studies ( IPSS) Nairobi
  • Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice.

     2. Web Designing and coding

Web design deals with the various elements of making and maintaining a site. Web design involves:
  • Design of websites
  • User experience design
  • Interface design
  • Web graphic design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Coding
Web design certificate course takes about 4 months and diploma course up to 1 year.

The best college to undertake the course is Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) Nairobi Kenya.

On successful completion of the course you can decide to work independent or work in a web company.

   3. Digital Marketing

This is the most effective and best way of marketing products and services using digital channels to reach consumers.

It involves getting professional skills in developing strategies used in marketing products online, social media or even in web analytics.

Digital Marketers can work as :
  • Market researchers
  • Information officers
  • Bloggers
  • Event Managers
  • Advertising account executives
The best college in Kenya to take the course is  Ora Digital Marketing Training - Nairobi westlands.

   4. Software and Programming language courses

This is one section in Kenya with a very good rate of employment.

Software developers and programmers can work independent or in IT companies. Its a very high paying job with higher demand.

Some of the best schools for software and programming language in Kenya include:
  • Institute of Software Technologies
  • Africa Digital media Institute
  • Zalego Institute

   5. Diploma in Computer Science

This is a middle level Computer course with the most marketable skills in Computer.
Diploma holders can work in any private or government office.
Computer diploma holders remain relevant compared to certificate or degree levels.

Best colleges to offer diploma in computer science include:
  • East Africa Institute of Certified Studies -Nairobi
  • African College of Aviation and Management
  • Kenya Institute of Software Engineering.

Good luck in your passion for Computer!!!



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