Kenya has grown so fast in terms of digital learning. Recently Kenya has seen the increase of digital platforms that helps students and Teachers to interact freely. These platforms use their websites, apps and short message services (SMS) in their working.

The top digital learning platforms in Kenya include:

  • Eneza education

Eneza education logo

Eneza education is a digital educational platform created and designed by highly qualified teachers and experts to provide a virtual tutor and teacher to thousands of students in Kenya.

How to register

Eneza education has an SMS service known as Shupavu291.
Shupavu291 is an SMS service tool which enables students to access Kenya curriculum aligned lessons, assignments, ask a teacher and Wikipedia.
To register dial *291# then press OK and follow the steps provided.

To contact Eneza education ,use the following:
Mobile no: +254 707 908 308
Email address:
For more information you can go to www.eneza education. com.

  • Boresha Ltd

Boresha Ltd is one of the best digital education content creator platform that produce relevant curriculum - aligned  resources through technology.
Boresha content is provided by award- winning teachers from top ranked schools in Kenya.

Boresha Ltd has made digital learning more accessible to all students any time anywhere in Kenya.

To contact Boresha Ltd one can use the following contacts:
Tel no :+254 20 271 20 89/ 020 2722998 /020 2727552/ 020 2727553
Mobile no :+254 724 632 499

  • iMlango

imlango picture

imlango is a digital learning program created by private companies with support from the Ministry of education Science and Technology and sponsored by the UK Department for International Development.
The program is run by SQuid Kenya.

imlango aims to improve the education outcome of Kenyan students especially in Maths, Literacy and life skills.

For more information go to the websites:

  • Kytabu

Kytabu E-learning

Kytabu is a leading digital learning platform for students in primary and secondary schools in the whole of East Africa.

Kytabu collects all required curriculum materials into a single application where teachers and students interact freely.
The program is built on an Android system with a mobile money payment platform.

To contact kytabu for more information one can use the following :
Physical location of offices- 3rd floor Gorge padmore Ridge|George Padmore Road|Nairobi Kenya.
Mobile no: +254 700 682 682
Twitter: @kytabu

  • Moringa school

Moringa school

Moringa school is a leading E-learning school based in Nairobi Kenya. Moringa school of coding is out to build human expertise by training of varied technical ability in a holistic approach. 
Every year Moringa school select about a dozen of students from hundreds of applicants. The selected students undergo an intensive four months training to become experts in technology.

To contact Moringa school for more information or admission use the following: 
Postal address: P.O Box 28860-00100 Ngong lane plaza, Ngong lane Nairobi.
Phone no:+254 711 581 484
Email address:

  • eLimu

eLimu is one of the most famous E-learning education platforms in Africa and the leading digital educational content providers in East Africa. eLimu provides three major contents including:
  • Kcpe Revision
  • Hadithi Hadithi
  • Teacher Training
eLimu Kcpe Revision and Hadithi Hadithi litaracy applications has made learning more fun engaging for curious students both at school and at home.

To contact eLimu for more information please use the following:

Physical address: Bishop Magu centre,
George Padmore lane, off Ngong Road,
(Opposite uchumi Hiper)
Kilimani Nairobi.

Phone no: +254 716 287 946

Email address:




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