Distance learning, also known as E-learning is a mode of learning where the students and the teacher are not in regular face to face contact in a classroom. This learning is done through the internet.
Distance learning helps students to fit their learning with work and home life.

Factors to consider before one can enroll for E-learning in Kenya

  1. Availability of Distance learning institutions and courses
The is the most important factor to consider before one can start Distance learning programmes.
You have to make sure that the universities having E-learning are available, accredited and national recognised.
Most universities will post information regarding their accreditation on their websites, check and verify.

2. Study materials and E-learning Environment

This is another very fundamental factor to consider.
High quality sets of computer, monitor, smartphone, microphone,speaker, headset,printer scanner and a fast internet coverage determines  success of the programme.

3. Flexibility of the programme

Distance learning programmes are always expected to have a higher flexibility in terms of learning schedules compared to on-campus programmes.
Most universities offer students to attend classes according to their preferable time.
The programme should suits you in that you should be free to do other activities.

4 . Affordability of Distance learning

Generally Distance learning programmes are more affordable in terms of of tuition fees than the normal programmes.
Many Distance learning Universities offer suitable financial options like monthly payment basis to help students decide for their online learning programmes.

Universities offering Distance Learning In Kenya

University of Nairobi
Courses offered on Distance learning in the University include:
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of arts
  • Bachelor of Education (Arts B Ed)
  • Bachelor of Education Early childhood education
  • Bachelor of Science Physics 
  • Bachelor of science Analytical chemistry
  • Bachelor of science Industrial Chemistry
  • Bachelor of science in Geology
  • Bachelor of science in Mateology
  • Bachelor of science in Zoology
  • Bachelor of science in Botany
  • Bachelor of arts in History
  • Bachelor of arts in Tourism
  • Bachelor of arts in Literature
  • Bachelor of arts in kiswahili
  • Bachelor of arts in Arabic studies
  • Bachelor of arts in Sociology and social work
  • Bachelor of arts in philosophy
  • Bachelor of arts in psychology
  • Bachelor of arts in Guidance and counselling
  • Master of science in climate change
  • Master of Education (M Ed) in Educational planning
  • Master of Education (M Ed) in curriculum studies
  • Master of Education  (M Ed)  in economics of educatuon
  • Master of Education (M Ed) in corporate Governance in Education
  • Master of Education( M Ed) in sociology of Education
  • Master of Education (M Ed )in philosophy of Education
  • Master in Physics
Kenyatta University
Courses offered include:
  • Bachelor of library in information science
  • Bachelor of science
  • Bachelor of arts
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of education (Library science)
  • Bachelor of policy and Administration
  • Bachelor of information Technology
  • Bachelor of science (Agribusiness management and Trade.
  • Master of science in Animal nutrition and management
  • Master in science in integrated soil fertility management.
  • Master of education in Early childhood education
  • Master of library information science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in journalism and mass communication
Egerton University
Online courses offered are as follows:
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of arts in criminology and security studies
  • Bachelor of psychology
  • Bachelor of library and information science
  • Bachelor of science in community development
  • Master of science in community development and extension
  • Master of arts in criminology
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master of Education management
Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)

Online courses offered by JKUAT include:
  • Bachelor of Business Information and Technology( BBIT)
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bsc in Information and Technology
  • Certificate and Diploma in Information and Technology IT
  • Master of science in Information Communication Technology ICT.
  • Master in Statistics
  • Master in Business Administration


  • Certificate and diploma in Business Management
  • Bachelor of commerce
  • Bachelor of BBIT
  • Bachelor of science in Information and Technology
Other Universities include:
  1. Moi University
  2. Daystar University
  3. Stathmore University
  4. Mt Kenya University
Readers can add any other university I did not mention but offer online courses in Kenya.

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