KCPE exams

Exams are set for students to pass but not to fail. Exams are set to test the student ability to remember what was taught in class.
Exam results  are the reflections of the students understanding of the lessons in the classes.

Before sitting for the KCPE exams one must have prepared well for the exam.

The following examination tips can help KCPE candidates to excell in the examination.

Prepare in advance

As a candidate you should get prepared well before sitting for the examination.
Make sure you have all the requirements needed before you come to class  i.e ruler,pencils, pens,rubber pencil sharpener etc.
Go to the toilet before you settle to prevent wasting time during the examination.


Its normal for students to tense before starting an examination .
During these times do something to loosen up.
Relax your body muscles and take a deep breath to realise the tension and anxiety.

Be prayerful

Prayers are a sure way to get you confidence that you are going to perform well.
Pray in whatever way that your religion or spirituality supports you.
Have spiritual confidence that you are going to make it.
You are not alone ,many did this exam and performed well.

Have confidence

Exams are what your teachers  have been teaching in the school curriculum so you should be confident that you are going to exell in the examination.
You should think positively  because a test is only but just a way to show off the knowledge that you have.

Visualise your success by thinking one time incidence when you did something successful.
This will inspire you to have confidence in yourself.

Read examination instructions

This is the most  important aspect that determines ones performance in the exam.
Follow all the rules outlined and ask the invigilator if any instructions are not clear to you.

Don't get eager to answering questions and maybe worried you don't have enough time, relax and read all the instructions.

The instructions will tell you how many questions to you have to answer. This can help you manage your time well.

Easy questions first

Study the questions and identify the easy ones and mark them.
Start with the easy ones. This way you will build confidence even to face the difficult questions.
If you begin with a question that is  too hard for you, you will waste a lot of time on it and even get no time to do the easy questions.

Avoid common mistakes

Have a neat handwriting. This will make the examiner to follow your work and give you full marks.
If you have a messy handwriting the examiner may not be able to find your answers and may not award your marks.

Eliminate wrong answers first , that way you will be able to find the correct answers easily.
Tackle the questions faster and accurately to beat time and secure high marks.


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