Scholarship awarded
Its every student dream that one day will wakeup to the best news ever that they have won a scholarship.

As normal anything good cannot come easy. Applying for a scholarship is a step by step process that need to be careful done.

The following are the best and easy ways of winning scholarships in Kenya.

  1. Be Genuine

As an applicant for a scholarship, make sure you give accurate and correct information about you.
Don't try to hide or give misleading information.
Understand your background and highlight all your disadvantages. Don't shy off. Scholarships are most often awarded to students with a lot of challenges and not students who have been on a silver spoon.

  2. Volunteer

Develop a heart to care for the community.
Take part in community volunteering organisation and even National charity organizations such as Red cross and Crescent Society and some NGOs. Aquire some skills through their seminars. 
Some of these organizations have scholarships and some can help need students to get some National or even International Scholarships world wide.

  3  Play A Sport

Sports scholarship

Most lucrative scholarships are awarded to sports students.
Taking part in a sport can earn some students the chance to get scholarships. Example: Sporton sports scholarship is a scholarship from Nation Media Group partnered with the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta university to award talented students in sports. 
Take sports serious and one day they will reward you. Participating in the less famous sports such as Judo,Golf etc can easily make you shine.

   4  Apply Early

Application for scholarships must be done as early as possible.
Make sure you beat the deadline for the scholarship application.
You never know it might be a first come first serve basis so the earlier the better.
Applying early is another way of standing out the crowd for a better chance to secure the scholarship opportunity.

  5  Working Hard Academically

This is the most important factor that most Scholarships organisations consider before awarding the scholarships.

Poor grades can lead to disqualification for the scholarships.
Maintain high grades and a high standard of discipline and work extra hard for your academic excellency.


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