Scholarships scammers

Getting a scholarship is the best and wonderful option every student at a college or a University is dreaming of.
As normal anything good, there are people who take advantage of students trust and hope in these scholarships.
Year after year scores of students fall victim of these scholarship scams in Kenya.

However there is a way out ,to protect one self from these fake scholarships one can observe the following:

  1. Application fee

Any scholarship that will ask for application fee no matter how small it might be, just leave it. Its a scam collecting your money ,run away from it. Scholarships are surposed to give you money and not to take away.

2 . Open to everyone

A genuine scholarship should not be open to everybody. If a scholarship is not restricted to age ,gender, year of study educational level its likely that its a scam. Scams are open to everyone so that they can try their luck to many individuals.

3 .Contact information

Scholarships not providing their contact information especial phone numbers are likely to be fake Scholarships.
They are afraid that they can be tracked down and get arrested.

4 . Financial Information

Scholarships asking for your financial information such as  your bank account, ATM card pin numbers, M-pesa pin, etc are scams.
Real scholarships don't need such information they just deposit the money to the school account.

5 .A guarantee of success

Any scholarship must have a very stiff competition.
Scholarships promising 100% selection are scams.
They just want to attract many people to lure them into their trap. As the saying goes, if the deal is too good think twice.

Above all students should not give up ,there are thousands if not millions of genuine scholarships in Kenya and around the globe. All they have to do is to be very careful in their search for the scholarships while observing the above signs of fake scholarships. Follow your instincts and above all pray.

Good luck.

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