Excellent students

Many  students in Kenya taking different courses in Colleges and Universities find themselves in situations whereby it becomes difficult for them to continue with their studies due to poor performance or even sponsors withdrawing their sponsorships due to indiscipline or poor grades.

Unilada Kenya came up with 5 handy ways of how to be an Excellent student in Kenya. This will help many Students to be on the right track of achieving their educational dreams.

  1. Pay attention in class

Come to class early and every time you come to class pay attention to every lecture made in the class. Ask questions where you think its not clear to you. Be friendly to the professor and above all have respect to everyone. Be attentive and visible in the class if possible have the front seat. Whenever you notice the professor is emphasing or stressing a certain article ,mark it ,it might be the next exam.

2. Prepare in advance

Prepare in advance for your assignments,homework or readings before class in order for you to be able to participate in the class. If  you fail to do this you will not be able to participate in the class and therefore not be able to understand the lecture made on that time. Make sure you have all the requirements needed in the class before you settle.

3. Study hard

Its difficult for you to be an Excellent student without studying.   However you should split the sessions for studying in about 40 minutes per session. Taking breaks can help you to study more efficiently and productively. Always remember to use your time wisely. Start to study for an exam a week earlier and learn proper test -taking skills. Study as if you are motivated for the outcome of your hard work.

4 . Make use of the library

Go regularly to the library to read books. Knowledge is found in books and not in social media or wikipedia.Have interest in books. Consider your University/College education a bibliography for the rest of your life.

5 . Have free time to enjoy

When you are not in the class room for study, get outside and enjoy yourself with friends and have fun. However find a good company of friends. The best students are always well rounded. Have a social outlet that is not a wild night on the town. Join campus organizations or even watch free on-campus movies. Check for school newsletter for events happening both on campus and the community. Have your limits of enjoying yourself.


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